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This mistress was pissed at the things that this guy did. She was not ok with it and she had to send him a message that she was sure he would not forget in a ling time. The mistress chose to use pee to do it and it worked as the guy was a germaphobe. She forced him to watch as she peed in his bathtub and she also forced him to sit on her pee.

This guy was naked but that is how the mistresses wanted it to be. Mistress CatDeluxe and her friend made sure that he felt cold, was tied up and at the same time was humiliated and dominated painfully. The mistresses forced him to endure being used as a human ashtray. It was painful but there was nothing much he could do about it other than to endure what they did to him.

This mistress was so pissed at her boyfriend because she had caught him flirting with other girls. She knew it was just about time before he cheated on her if he had not done it already. She was not able to trust him and that is why she chose to trample the shit out of him, make him lick her feet and when he was done, she dumped his ass.

This loser had messed up and he was due for some punishment. Mistress Jardena scared the shit out of him and she made sure that she punished him as cruelly as he needed to be. The mistress did not care what he did and what he felt. All she had to do was to pee on him after she had used her high heels to scare him. He drank it all.

Missy Van Licks and her friend had had enough of this guy and they wanted him to learn his lesson and to stop bothering them. The mistresses had a sit down and decided that their cigarette fetish was the best way to deal with him. So they did it and it was cruel as he was turned into a human ashtray. It was not just humiliating, but it was also degrading.

Goddess Stephanie's ex kept going back to her thinking she would let him back in her life. But she was sure she would not and anytime he went back to her, she would always find something new to do to him for her own fun. Today she facesat him with her bare ass and she had fun choking him a little even as she had fun as she rubbed her clit against his face and came.

Mistress Elsa did not like how lazy her slave was. He was always in the kitchen and he was always eating. She feared for his health and she abhorred his laziness. She had to deal with him and she trampled him today in the kitchen to force him to workout and to also force him to stop being lazy. The pain he felt did the trick and the slave changed.

When this mistress noticed that her ex husband was trying to get back into her life after cheating on her, she had to send him a message and it had to be a cruel one for him to learn his lesson. That is why the mistress chose to humiliate him with her shoes. He was turned into a foot slave and he had to lick her soles before she was done with him.

When these mistresses realized that they were dealing with a snitch, they had to do something about it. They chose to punish her using their whips. They lashed out at her and they made sure that her back and her butt, which were bare, were in a lot of pain as the mistresses chose to teach the woman a lesson they knew she had never been taught before in her life.

Mistress Carla has a nice ass and a nice body. Sometimes, without any provocation or invitation, she loves to flaunt and show off her ass. Today was one such day and she used different thongs to do so. The mistress enjoyed herself as she did it and by the time she was done, she had turned this guy on but she was not interested in doing anything with him and had to leave him high and dry, which was humiliating.

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