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Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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When Miss Deeane pees, she doesn't want it to go to waste. She loves to watch her slave quench his thirst with her hot piss. When she goes to the bathroom, she puts it in a cup for them to enjoy. When they are extremely good, she will let them get their favorite drink directly from the source. She doesn't mind their face against her bare pussy, drinking her hot piss.

A toilet man is a wonderful slave for a hot babe. She loves to give him all of her piss, because he is always thirsty. The hot brunette will make sure he is very full of her piss. She finds his ability to drink pee very exciting for her, so she always keeps her bladder very full of piss. He is the very best toilet slave.

A toilet slave is the biggest loser ever. Four hot girls are going to use his mouth and face as a toilet. The girls plan on going out for the night, so by the time they get home all they can do is use their toilet. Nothing but piss and shit is going to be in the toilet slave's mouth from the girls. He will be so full.

The two sexy mistresses are sitting on the couch making out and touching and kissing each other. Their slave is laying on the floor beneath of them being their footrest as they continue to make out. While is is laying on the floor he is holding a water bottle filled with his mistresses warm piss and is drinking it as they use him as a human toilet to take their waste.

This hot babe walks into her pink bathroom and she has a pink toilet cover. Do you know what she would rather have than that toilet? She would rather have you as her own human toilet. That is why she squirts some hot piss into a wine glass and she holds it in front of the camera. She wants you to be her piss slave and drink it right now.

This sexy mistress is just ready to punish and humiliate you whenever she gets the chance. You know what she thinks about whenever she sees you? She wants you to get down on your knees and take her hot pussy right in your face and then squirt hot piss all over your face. She wants you to become her personal toilet so she can punish and humiliate you every single time.

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