Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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Mistress Medea felt that this guy was too much of a liar and it was a habit he had to learn to outgrow. So she forced him to change by forcing him to endure the punishment and humiliation she put him through. He was in pain as she injected him on his dick and she had fun tagging his dick in a rough manner. He nearly shit his pants in the process.

Miss Deeane is one merciless goddess. She gets undressed and remains with her underwear and bra and attempts to masturbate. But all this while, her slave's punishment and humiliation are what is on her mind. She wants her slave to jerk off, and after that, eat his own cum, not once, not twice but repeatedly and for days. This mistress does not care whether her slave will survive or not.

You will do anything for the gorgeous blonde babe Amy. If that means dress and put on makeup like a woman than you will follow this sexy goddesses orders. She looks so hot dressed in her sexy black lingerie and high heel boots and she wants you to do the same. As the ultimate humiliation and insult you will go out on the streets dressed as a prostitue and earn money

Have you ever wanted to just hop in bed with a sexy woman and let her walk you through the whole masturbation process? This sexy babe will sit back and watch you masturbate for her. She wants you to wrap your hands around your hard cock and begin stroking it so she can watch. She wants you to bust a load of hot cum all over your stomach just for her.

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