Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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Mistress Ava Black and her friend were sharing experiences. They wanted the best way to humiliate a slave so they got one and had fun trying all sorts of humiliating things on him. But their favorite was making him lick and drink their spit. They spat into a glass and forced him to drink and to also lick the glass. It was humiliating but he had to drink the spit or else they would punish him severely.

Jamie Kate has her slave down on the floor while she talks to her friend on the phone. She enjoys the conversation while smothering him with her feet. She rubs her pretty toes and naked soles all over his face and mouth, making him inhale the wonderful aromas before leaning over and spitting right into his mouth. She orders him to swallow every last drop of her delicious phlegm and saliva.

When Lady Morgan Moon and Lady Kate get together, they always play games. They get their oldest slave for this new game and strip down to their tits or their bra. These babes have a spitting contest going. They want to see who can cover his face in spit first. When that competition is over, they start to slap him. They want to know who can make his face the reddest.

When this house of mistresses get angry, they have to spit. They love to use their slave as a personal spittoon and let him have it. After he failed to finish his chores, the ladies put him in his mask and laid him on the table. They were happy to go through the night, spitting in his face and in his mouth. He didn't have a choice but to swallow it all.

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