Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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When these mistresses begin working with him, they thought that he would catch on. He never does. Rather than treat him with kid gloves, these mistresses torture him and vow to keep the torture going until he decides to act better. They strip him down and put him in a thong. They whip him and make sure that his ass and back are red and striped. As soon as he is hurting, they put him on his sore, bleeding ass and make him their human ashtray as they discuss his worthiness.

When Lady Luciana oils her slave down, he knows what is going to happen next. She orders her slave to the punishment room and cuffs him to the ceiling. She makes sure that he can't run away and that he has a mask on. She oils his body from shoulders down to his calves. She makes sure that he is ready for her lashes because she is excited to start. She starts to whip him with her leather lash until his skin turns pink and red.

Melissa had a lot of built up anger and aggression which she needed to let out. So she took a slave and went ballistic on him. She tied him up at the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Then he gagged him and tied him at the neck. She then trampled on him with her heels before whipping him severally and making her to lick her dirty shoes. She even had time to ride him like a horse.

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