Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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Mistress Harley is one tattooed bitch. But she does it to send a message, besides the fact that she loves it and appreciates it as art. She likes to send a message that she is a bad bitch and not one to be messed with. She likes to humiliate and torture guys who mess with her by degrading them and trampling them as well as faceesitting on their ugly faces.

Mistress Aleria wanted to toughen her slave. She hates weak slaves and does not want to be associated with any. She thought she saw some signs of weakness on her new slave and she wanted to make sure he was not. So she made him lie down and she used her feet to trample him on the face and make him endure the pain till he was as brave and tough as she wanted.

Iren is over and done with male slaves. She's now into female slaves. She makes Sabrina, the slave, to smell and lick her groin and all the smells that come from there (she had not cleaned up) and then made her bend over and spanked her

This slave mistook Nikki for a lesbian and she lied to her that she was. She took her to her house and then called her boyfriend and they made out in front of her while making her lick their feet

Having a tiny cock can land you in trouble with this mistress. She was getting ready to have good sex when she discovered that the guy had a tiny cock. In rage, she decided to humiliate him for wasting her time. She dressed him in a diaper and used all sorts of humiliating actions to punish him for having a tiny cock which could not fuck her well and satisfy her.

Would you leave you wife for this sexy babe? She is going to show off her hot body in front of the camera just for you to see. She wants you to show to her how much you would do for her. She wants you to check out her nice round tits as she takes off her clothes. She would also love it if you would fuck her tight pussy for her.

This hot blonde babe is going to absolutely torture you. She knows that you have just been to the Doctor and he told you that your blood pressure has to remain stable, but she is going to absolutely punish you tonight. She shows up in some sexy white lingerie with her big tits popping out of them. Then, she bends over showing off her round ass to you, begging you to fuck her.

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