Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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Lea did not like the conversation topics that her driver was bringing up. So she decided to make him shut up for real. She made him lick and smell her sweaty and stinky socks

This slave mistook Nikki for a lesbian and she lied to her that she was. She took her to her house and then called her boyfriend and they made out in front of her while making her lick their feet

Having a tiny cock can land you in trouble with this mistress. She was getting ready to have good sex when she discovered that the guy had a tiny cock. In rage, she decided to humiliate him for wasting her time. She dressed him in a diaper and used all sorts of humiliating actions to punish him for having a tiny cock which could not fuck her well and satisfy her.

The Sadistic Goddess Amyleen Moore abuses her bitch slave for bringing her a cup of coffee that was ice cold. She dresses him like a woman and spanks him hard on his little sissy booty. Then she makes him worship her boots over and over again and makes him lick the soles clean. Her servant should of know better and warm up my coffee before bringing it to her.

This sexy goddess has a very hot and wet pussy that she would just love to show you, but you have to be humiliated to be with a sexy girl like this. She wants you to prove to her that you love her. She wants to punish you by making you suck some cock for even thinking about her in that way. If you want a piece of her pink pussy you have to pay for it.

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