Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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Mary and Taissia were relaxing in the bedroom when they felt naughty and started playing. They wrestled and Mary overpowered Taissia and made her smell her ass and pussy and facesat on her. This served as the perfect foreplay

When she gets up in the morning, she gets her slave dressed. Today, she put him in his favorite blue maid costume. She fed him from his bottle and made sure he understood what he was supposed to do. He didn't look happy to clean the toilet so she spanked his naked ass. She forced his face into the toilet to get a better look at what he was supposed to clean. She then left him to clean it with his toothbrush.

The Sadistic Goddess Amyleen Moore abuses her bitch slave for bringing her a cup of coffee that was ice cold. She dresses him like a woman and spanks him hard on his little sissy booty. Then she makes him worship her boots over and over again and makes him lick the soles clean. Her servant should of know better and warm up my coffee before bringing it to her.

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