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Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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I am Goddess Kim. What makes you think you would have a chance with me? You are good for nothing but verbal humiliation. Look at your small dick. My boyfriend's dick is so much bigger than yours that I would never even feel it in my pussy. I will tease you for my own amusement but domination is all you will ever get from me you delusional asshole loser slave.

Goddess Kim makes her slave drop to his knees and lick her heels with his tongue until they are spotless and are squeaky clean. Goddess Kim makes her slave lick her shoes because she is getting ready to go out with her lover that has a monster cock. Her slaves tiny cock will never please her so she will make her slave get her ready to go out in the evenings with a real man.

The raven haired goddess Kim has got you practicing slut training as you must suck cock fro her using her lifelike blue penis. This sexy babe has got you totally humiliated a she has you down on your knees going to town on this cock so she can send you out on the street to do the real thing. Any money you make from the cocksucking will go to her pocket.

The sexy Goddess Kim asked her slave to buy her the new Manolo Blahniks but the pathetic wimp said he didn't have the money. But she has some inside information on him and she blackmailed the loser into doing what she wanted him to do. She has some embarrassing and humiliating pics and vids of the slave and she was forced to have to show them all to his mom

This masked man is going to make sure that he pleases his sexy goddess in just about every way you could possibly imagine. He lets her put her feet right in front of his masked slave face and licks all over them. He does all of this while she is smoking a cigarette and puffing it right in front of him. After that she punishes him by ashing all over him.

This sexy goddess has a very hot and wet pussy that she would just love to show you, but you have to be humiliated to be with a sexy girl like this. She wants you to prove to her that you love her. She wants to punish you by making you suck some cock for even thinking about her in that way. If you want a piece of her pink pussy you have to pay for it.

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