Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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Miss Vikki is so proud that she has a loser foot slave to worship her feet when ever she gets the urge. She shows her hot friend Jessica all the perks of having a slave around to use for footlicking. She shows Jessica how great it is for a slave to lick the dirt and sweat off her feet. The humiliation feels good and now Jessica is hooked on getting her feet worshipped.

I am Goddess Kim. What makes you think you would have a chance with me? You are good for nothing but verbal humiliation. Look at your small dick. My boyfriend's dick is so much bigger than yours that I would never even feel it in my pussy. I will tease you for my own amusement but domination is all you will ever get from me you delusional asshole loser slave.

This slave is a real sucker! He believes he is a tough guy. But I'm going to show him who is tough! While he stands naked in front of the start I start kicking his useless balls! I hit him so hard that he goes down to the ground. He cannot stand my power very long and so I soon sit down on his hunched body with a victory pose...! :D

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