Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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When Rebecca takes over a shoe store, she knows just what policies to put in place to get the most out of her staff. After a rush, she puts him on his knees to clean up. When he doesn't move fast enough, she takes his shirt off and starts to lash him. She tells him what to do every step of the way so that he does his job properly.

When Miss Jennifer gets home, she expects her slave to be at her beck and call. She can't think of anything else she wants him to do so she starts to torture him. She makes him smell her round ass through her jeans. She then puts her brown feet in his mouth, making him gag. She then spits in his mouth and makes him swallow. As soon as she is finished, she starts all over again until she is bored.

When she gets up in the morning, she gets her slave dressed. Today, she put him in his favorite blue maid costume. She fed him from his bottle and made sure he understood what he was supposed to do. He didn't look happy to clean the toilet so she spanked his naked ass. She forced his face into the toilet to get a better look at what he was supposed to clean. She then left him to clean it with his toothbrush.

After buying a new pair of boots from this salesman, she puts them to work. She is happy to kick this salesman in the ass because he didn't kiss her feet when she was trying her boots on. She was happy to kick him to the ground after kicking his balls. She kicked and told him how worthless he was. He begged her to stop but she didn't until she got a new pair of boots from him for free.

When Lady Mistique and Mistress BlackDiamoond get together for a meeting, they didn't expect to be interrupted by a slave. Rather than allow the insult to go, they are happy to punish him. They put him on his knees and start to slap him. Each slap got more and more brutal. They wanted to make sure that he learned his lesson and didn't care how much he was hurt in the process.

When Lady Luciana oils her slave down, he knows what is going to happen next. She orders her slave to the punishment room and cuffs him to the ceiling. She makes sure that he can't run away and that he has a mask on. She oils his body from shoulders down to his calves. She makes sure that he is ready for her lashes because she is excited to start. She starts to whip him with her leather lash until his skin turns pink and red.

There are some days that Mistress Lydie and Mistress Leelo don't want to stay inside. They love going to the park with their slave. While they are talking and enjoying the sunshine, they put their slave to work. They put him on his back and make him smell their feet. He has to lick their toes and shoes too from time to time. It's hard for him to breathe with the stinky odors that come from their feet but he has to keep at it.

When Princess Melena gets a new girl slave, she enjoys training her. Princess Melena has a dick that she loves to fuck her slaves with and she has to teach her slave how to please her dick. She shows her slave how to suck her dick and what to do with the cum that eases out of it. She shows her slave how to play with her dick and tells her how she is going to fuck her tight little pussy.

When it's time to treat their slave, they take them out in public. These mistresses are happy to give their slaves a time and a place to meet them. When they walk in the door, their slaves know they have to get to their hands and knees to worship them. While these mistresses enjoy a glass of wine, their slaves have to lick and suck the soles of their high heels like good little slaves.

When Mistress Anouk and Princess Marilyn find that their slave spent all of his paycheck on what he wanted, they have no choice but to punish him. They take him into the basement and start to slap and kick him. They rip his shirt off and are happy to whip him with their cat o nine. They don't care how old he is, he knows better than to spend his money on what he wants.

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