Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

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Mistress Lydie takes a walk in the woods wearing a pair of black high heels, black pants and a white tank top. She is walking with her slave and when she accidentally steps in a pile of mud and filth and gets mad that her new shoes are dirty and she forces her slave to lay down and lick them clean with his nasty tongue until they look brand new again.

Lady Velvet is showing off her flawless body covered in latex as she poses in front of the camera and shows you what a loser you are by flashing a big L your way. She then lifts up her sharp steel heels and shows off her round sexy ass covered in latex and shows you that you will never have it because you are her slave and little toy she likes to play with.

Morgana and Hannah take their slave out into the woods and have him lay on the ground while they strip out of their clothes. Once they are both completely naked these two mistresses teach their slave how to behave as they stand above him and piss on his face and all over his body. These mistresses let the stream flow as they cover his face with piss and soak his tee shirt as well.

This sexy mistress is having a very good day because she has just acquired her very first female slave. This girl is only 18 years old and her mistress decides that is the perfect age for her to become her new foot slave. She trains her slave to walk and even become her own foot stool. She punishes this poor girl until she becomes the most perfect foot slave she will ever be.

This hot woman goes for a walk with her foot slave. Wherever his sexy mistress goes, you can rest assured that he is going to follow her. She walks through the mud, getting her black shoes all dirty. So, she decides that she is going to punish her foot slave and have him lick all the mud off of the bottom of her shoes. He does not stop until they are clean.

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