Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

The two sexy mistresses are sitting on the couch making out and touching and kissing each other. Their slave is laying on the floor beneath of them being their footrest as they continue to make out. While is is laying on the floor he is holding a water bottle filled with his mistresses warm piss and is drinking it as they use him as a human toilet to take their waste.

Mistress Danielle calls her GIMP back to the bedroom and because he is a loser he will do whatever she wants him to. She puts on the massive rubber strap on cock and makes her slave kneel before her. She then makes him take her cock deep in his mouth and rams it deep into his throat. She teaches him how to suck cock like a pro and then pimps him out for cash because his is a gimpy loser!

Mistress Emma is a sexy Amateur Facesitter that loves to show off her skills on the mat. She gets her slave down quickly and sits on his face shoving his face deep into her jean covered pussy. Once she has her legs wrapped around his head in a scissors hold she starts pushing out silent but deadly farts that soak through her jeans and go directly into his mouth and nose that she has completely covered.

GoddessNo is a sexy blonde goddess that has been telling her roommate that she can make her slave do whatever she wants him to. Her roommate is holding the camera as GoddessNo takes her slaves money just so he can lick the soles of her dirty shoes. She then makes him kiss and worship her feet and for no reason she kicks him in the back of the head and laughs at him.

The gorgeous goddesses Perfecta and Crystal verbally and physically abuse their pathetic slave as he kneels on the ground in front of them with his sign displaying the words, "40 year old virgin loser," which is exactly what he is. The sexy blonde and brunette sit in their royal chairs and verbally mock the loser and laught to each other as he is publicly humiliated. The arrogant ladies hurl insults

It is total crush passion as this sexy mistress humiliates her slave by trampling all over his body with the full weight of her body. She tramples on every inch of his body with her sharp black heels and even stands with both feet right on top of his balls for awhile The slave squeals in pain but this sexy mistress doesn't care as she goes right on trampling him

The sexy Breanna is lost on the road and stops in the local store to ask the boy for directions. After a slow response she sees he is very mentally slow and takes full advantage of him by sticking her sweaty round ass right in his face. Dressed in her super short black shorts and knee high leather boots Breanna grinds her ass crack right into the helpless boys face

The sexy raven haired beauty Angela totally controls and abuses her slave boy by sitting on top of him with her very short skirt and rubbing her nyloned feet all over his face making him breathe in her sweaty smelly feet that have been in her shoes all day long. They are very warm and smelly just the way he likes the. Sexy babe Angela relaxes on top of her slave

Mean girls Megan and Tangent humiliate this slave in every possible way as they force him to smell their stinky feet and teasingly stroke his cock letting the cum build up inside of it. The two girls use their bare feet to play with his dick and even use their stinky, sweat socks to shove inside of his open mouth. It is total humiliation as they verbally taunt him too

The raven haired goddess Kim has got you practicing slut training as you must suck cock fro her using her lifelike blue penis. This sexy babe has got you totally humiliated a she has you down on your knees going to town on this cock so she can send you out on the street to do the real thing. Any money you make from the cocksucking will go to her pocket.

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