Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

There are some days that Mistress Lydie and Mistress Leelo don't want to stay inside. They love going to the park with their slave. While they are talking and enjoying the sunshine, they put their slave to work. They put him on his back and make him smell their feet. He has to lick their toes and shoes too from time to time. It's hard for him to breathe with the stinky odors that come from their feet but he has to keep at it.

When Princess Melena gets a new girl slave, she enjoys training her. Princess Melena has a dick that she loves to fuck her slaves with and she has to teach her slave how to please her dick. She shows her slave how to suck her dick and what to do with the cum that eases out of it. She shows her slave how to play with her dick and tells her how she is going to fuck her tight little pussy.

When it's time to treat their slave, they take them out in public. These mistresses are happy to give their slaves a time and a place to meet them. When they walk in the door, their slaves know they have to get to their hands and knees to worship them. While these mistresses enjoy a glass of wine, their slaves have to lick and suck the soles of their high heels like good little slaves.

When Mistress Anouk and Princess Marilyn find that their slave spent all of his paycheck on what he wanted, they have no choice but to punish him. They take him into the basement and start to slap and kick him. They rip his shirt off and are happy to whip him with their cat o nine. They don't care how old he is, he knows better than to spend his money on what he wants.

When this house of mistresses get angry, they have to spit. They love to use their slave as a personal spittoon and let him have it. After he failed to finish his chores, the ladies put him in his mask and laid him on the table. They were happy to go through the night, spitting in his face and in his mouth. He didn't have a choice but to swallow it all.

Miss Vikki is so proud that she has a loser foot slave to worship her feet when ever she gets the urge. She shows her hot friend Jessica all the perks of having a slave around to use for footlicking. She shows Jessica how great it is for a slave to lick the dirt and sweat off her feet. The humiliation feels good and now Jessica is hooked on getting her feet worshipped.

Ginger and Miss Atrax are too cruel for some pain slaves. They find an old man who is willing to lie there while they humiliate him and dominate him in every way. They make him suffer through the torture of spitting, nipple torture, trampling and even some brutal facesitting. They show no mercy on this old man as they squeeze his cock and bust his balls, trampling him in high heels.

Miss Annalieza is a cruel mistress. She blindfolds her slave so he can be completely helpless. She puts a special metal tool in his mouth to hold it open. She tilts his head back and pours something in his mouth. He doesn't even get to see what she is pouring in his mouth. All he can do is sit there in humiliation until Miss Annalieza is finished with him.

I am Goddess Kim. What makes you think you would have a chance with me? You are good for nothing but verbal humiliation. Look at your small dick. My boyfriend's dick is so much bigger than yours that I would never even feel it in my pussy. I will tease you for my own amusement but domination is all you will ever get from me you delusional asshole loser slave.

Having a tiny cock can land you in trouble with this mistress. She was getting ready to have good sex when she discovered that the guy had a tiny cock. In rage, she decided to humiliate him for wasting her time. She dressed him in a diaper and used all sorts of humiliating actions to punish him for having a tiny cock which could not fuck her well and satisfy her.

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