Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

I am Goddess Kim. What makes you think you would have a chance with me? You are good for nothing but verbal humiliation. Look at your small dick. My boyfriend's dick is so much bigger than yours that I would never even feel it in my pussy. I will tease you for my own amusement but domination is all you will ever get from me you delusional asshole loser slave.

Having a tiny cock can land you in trouble with this mistress. She was getting ready to have good sex when she discovered that the guy had a tiny cock. In rage, she decided to humiliate him for wasting her time. She dressed him in a diaper and used all sorts of humiliating actions to punish him for having a tiny cock which could not fuck her well and satisfy her.

Nicky was in the woods when her boots got dirty with mud. Seeing a slave nearby, she decided to use him to wipe her boots. She took the slave and made him lick her boots clean. To prove to him that he meant business, she dipped his face in the mud and ordered him to disobey her. The humiliated slave quickly decided to lick the dirty boots to save himself further humiliation.

The slave saw two skimpily dressed girls, with one bare breasted and prepared for a great time. Little did he know that the girls had other ideas. Lady Kate and Lady Morgan Moon took their naked slave and whipped him mercilessly. In between their whippings, they trampled on him with their high heels. His cries of mercy only served to encourage them to go down hard on the poor slave.

This Polish Goddess wanted to let off some steam, and she did it in spectacular fashion. First, she tied her slave to a leash, like a dog. Then she removed her smelly feet and made her slave sniff and lick her smelly feet. The humiliated slave could not stand the punishment, but he had no option but to submit. He feared that she might get other ideas and increase the torture.

Melissa had a lot of built up anger and aggression which she needed to let out. So she took a slave and went ballistic on him. She tied him up at the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Then he gagged him and tied him at the neck. She then trampled on him with her heels before whipping him severally and making her to lick her dirty shoes. She even had time to ride him like a horse.

Miss Deeane is one merciless goddess. She gets undressed and remains with her underwear and bra and attempts to masturbate. But all this while, her slave's punishment and humiliation are what is on her mind. She wants her slave to jerk off, and after that, eat his own cum, not once, not twice but repeatedly and for days. This mistress does not care whether her slave will survive or not.

Taking off her shoes, Vittoria does not hide the fact that she wants to humiliate her slave by making him sniff her smelly socks. This mistress sits back and orders her slave to take time sniffing her socks until she is satisfied. Thinking this was the end of it, the mistress then makes him take off her socks and lick her feet clean while she enjoys all the action.

Clad in a mini dress,Princess Melena is a sexy mistress who wants to have her sweaty and stinking armpits licked by her slave. She does not care about the stinking smell. All she wants is for her armpits to be given a clean lick until they look and feel like she applied deodorant. With her domination, the slave better ensure Princess Melena's armpits are as clean as they should be.

When it comes to inflicting pain, no one does it better than these 5 ladies. They tie their slave up and then take pleasure to whipping him and piercing his body. These mistresses then whip him mercilessly and use their high heels to trample their slave. He cries at all the pain they inflict on him, but his cries for mercy only serve to increase their enjoyment and make them.

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