Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

This sexy mistress gets naked and makes her slave into her personal toilet. She is squatting above her slave and has a funnel going from her pussy to his mouth as she gets ready to spray her warm piss directly into his mouth. She starts to piss and the piss flows into her slaves mouth and he has to drink it all until there is nothing left because he is a human toilet.

Princess Fierce takes her slave and works hard to brainwash him so that he becomes a cock lover. When she is done with him he will never want a pussy again and he will eat, sleep and dream about cock. He wants to suck cock, lick cock and kiss cock. He will get hard thinking about a cock penetrating his tight asshole and then be her personal faggot. This slave does not even deserve the nastiest pussy out there so it will only be cock from now on!

This bratty Princess knows what you like and what you want and she knows how to work her body just perfect to make you hers forever. This sexy princess is wearing black stockings and long gloves with teal bra and panties as she poses for you showing off her sexy curves and her flawless body. She then lays down on her bed and starts rubbing her pussy beneath her panties and gets your hooked so you can not leave her ever!

Goddess Kim makes her slave drop to his knees and lick her heels with his tongue until they are spotless and are squeaky clean. Goddess Kim makes her slave lick her shoes because she is getting ready to go out with her lover that has a monster cock. Her slaves tiny cock will never please her so she will make her slave get her ready to go out in the evenings with a real man.

Amateur facesitting wrestlers Shanya and Brooke get down on the mats as they start wrestling to see who will come out on top. Brooke is a tough girl that literally dominated most of the match as she got Shanya down on the floor and tied her arms around her chest and smothers her face with her big tits. She finally sits on her face with her sexy ass and smothers her completely with her sexy round ass.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a sexy dark haired mistress that has long silky hair that she knows you want to run your fingers through. She knows that you are going to spend your hard earned money to buy her clips so that she can tease you with her long hair and her sexy curves. She knows you want her to show you her perky tits and perfect ass and all you have to do is buy the clips.

Mistress Chloe is a sexy brunette mistress that has her slave chained around his neck and she holds his leash tightly around the barn as she forces him to crawl around on his hands and knees and kiss and worship her feet. This mistress humiliates him, dominates him and whips and smothers him to let him know that she is the bass and his entire existence is about making her happy.

Princess Melena is a sexy Russian Princess that is going to let her slave know that he has such a small cock that it is not even worth her time and effort to try to fuck it. She humiliates him with a ruler telling him that he will never measure up to a real man and that his baby cock has no purpose and will never get anywhere near her tight Princess pussy.

The two sexy mistresses are sitting on the couch making out and touching and kissing each other. Their slave is laying on the floor beneath of them being their footrest as they continue to make out. While is is laying on the floor he is holding a water bottle filled with his mistresses warm piss and is drinking it as they use him as a human toilet to take their waste.

Mistress Danielle calls her GIMP back to the bedroom and because he is a loser he will do whatever she wants him to. She puts on the massive rubber strap on cock and makes her slave kneel before her. She then makes him take her cock deep in his mouth and rams it deep into his throat. She teaches him how to suck cock like a pro and then pimps him out for cash because his is a gimpy loser!

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