Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

When Vesna comes home from a long day of work, she needs to relax. She calls her slave immediately to help her feel better. She loves for him to smell her neck and her armpits. She loves to have him sniff her ass because he needs to smell her. When she puts her bag down, she wants to sit on his face and relax. As soon as she does it, she is happy to go on with her day.

When this slave is ordered to his mistress' room, his face is covered and he is stripped down. He is put into his animal print thong and ordered to his knees. As soon as he is on his knees, he is whipped mercilessly. His ass is striped and red but he takes his spanking like a slave that deserves it. As soon as one mistress is done, the other comes up. He has a long day that ends with a sore ass.

When Miss Deeane pees, she doesn't want it to go to waste. She loves to watch her slave quench his thirst with her hot piss. When she goes to the bathroom, she puts it in a cup for them to enjoy. When they are extremely good, she will let them get their favorite drink directly from the source. She doesn't mind their face against her bare pussy, drinking her hot piss.

Goddess Kim loves to have her slave use their tongue. She doesn't want to have a man lick her, she loves to watch a man lick her toilet. She knows that he may be resistant at first but when she shows him why she is worth it, he will happily lick the toilet of her choice. She expects her slave to lick it clean and not complain. All the licking will be done on command and without complaints.

This slave is a real sucker! He believes he is a tough guy. But I'm going to show him who is tough! While he stands naked in front of the start I start kicking his useless balls! I hit him so hard that he goes down to the ground. He cannot stand my power very long and so I soon sit down on his hunched body with a victory pose...! :D

You are a perverted professor who has given the gorgeous blonde Carli Banks a poor grade on her paper and now she stops by your house to see why you would do such a thing. You get nice and hard anticipating her arrival but things turn for the worse as she arrives immediately insulting you and making fun and demeaning you. You did not expect such a harsh house guest.

The Sadistic Goddess Amyleen Moore abuses her bitch slave for bringing her a cup of coffee that was ice cold. She dresses him like a woman and spanks him hard on his little sissy booty. Then she makes him worship her boots over and over again and makes him lick the soles clean. Her servant should of know better and warm up my coffee before bringing it to her.

This slave is degraded and humiliated by the redhead and blonde duo. The two gorgeous ladies have him kneel before them on the carpet and burp on the slave's nose and using his mouth as a trash bin for all of their bodily functions. They burp into his nose asking him to inhale all again and again and putting snots and used kleenex into his mouth as a human receptacle.

The sexy ladies Mia and Emma are in their bathing suits and on the wrestling mat fighting it out to see who will be the victor. Whoever is tied up and made to submit at the end loses. Both girls fight hard using multiple moves and techniques on one another to try and gain the edge. With great forward and reverse facesits they battle trying to see who wins.

A toilet man is a wonderful slave for a hot babe. She loves to give him all of her piss, because he is always thirsty. The hot brunette will make sure he is very full of her piss. She finds his ability to drink pee very exciting for her, so she always keeps her bladder very full of piss. He is the very best toilet slave.

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