Extreme Humiliation

Slaves getting extremely humiliated

Cassandra is always looking for a new pair of high heels. She is going to take her pretty black high heels and shove them in her slave's mouth. She will also let her slave know that he is going to pay for her shopping spree. The slave better have a high credit limit, because if he doesn't buy what she wants, he is going to be in real trouble.

Leana could not get any sexier with her pretty body in black lingerie. She is going to sit down on a couch, so her slave can kneel at her feet. She will then remove her shoes so that he is able to sniff and smell her high heels. Leana is too sexy for words and the slave should be so happy to be in her presence and small her feet.

Princess Fierce is so sexy and perfect in every way. She has the perfect combination of measurements, and her ass is to die for. Fierce loves to tease her slaves and let them think they might stand a chance with her, but really she is getting ready to laugh and humiliate them, so they know that they are nothing more to her than a joke she can laugh at.

Kelli looks like a normal girl, but she also has hidden talents that most don't know about unless they are a slave. She is going to completely brutalize her slave to the point he will be begging her to stop. She is going to kick her slave over and over again, and let him know that she doesn't care he is in excruciating pain from her heels.

Lady Juely is a very aggressive and mean dominatrix. She is excellent at making her slaves feel like they are next to nothing when she is done with them. She loves to spit and make her slave's lick all the spit up, but she is also totally into making fun of any slave with a small penis. She is the queen of humiliation and degrading any man before her.

Sarah Blake is a very dominating sexy babe. She also has some amazing skills and can make a man do anything she wants, even if he thinks he isn't gay. She loves to make a man get on his knees and suck on her strap on, even though the slave might not think he would ever do such a thing, he will for Sarah Blake and like it.

A pretty lady with dark skin and hair loves to make fun of and humiliate men with small dicks. The smaller the dick, the more she will torment and make fun of the guy. How pathetic is a small dick? Enough for her to get out a dildo that is bigger to laugh at and make sure she demonstrates how pathetic a small dick truly is.

Many dominant women are able to show a man that they are nothing more than a weak pathetic loser, but when you get a woman that knows just how to take charge, the loser better get ready. A hot sexy babe with a huge strap on is going to punish a slave with a tiny little penis. He won't be anything when she is done with him.

Two hot and sexy ladies love to show each other affection, but they also love to pee into a glass and make their weak slave drink the pee. It doesn't matter if he likes it or not, he is going to be their slave and they will let him know that he must drink the pee or get severely punished for not following the rules they have set for him.

Lisa Jordan is a pretty lady that is very seductive. She has amazing skin, long dark hair, and perfect plump tits. She is a goddess that deserves to be worshiped from head to toe, and not an inch missed from this beautiful goddess. No one will be able to resist her perfect round ass that looks so soft and sweet in her sexy lingerie that looks great.

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